R.I.P Bill Washburn (1946-2014)

Commercial Internet Exchange の初代 Executive Director. XDI.orgの2代目理事長。OpenID Foundation の初代 Executive Director でもある。素晴らしい人だった。彼からの最後の手紙をもう一度ここに掲載しておこう。噛みしめて進んで行かなければならない。R.I.P



a) 拡張性鬱血性心不全 (diastolic congestive heart failure)
b) 心アミロイドーシス (cardiac Primary Amyloidosis)
c) 多発性骨髄腫 (multiple myeloma)







It is with a sad heart that the news of Bill Washburn’s passing on June 22, 2014 is being shared with all of his connections, colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

Bill had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and cardiac amyloidosis in the spring of 2011. An avid runner and health enthusiast, the diagnosis came as a complete surprise.

Bill earned a PhD and Masters degree from Stanford University in Public Policy and Ethics and spent over two decades as a trust evangelist and strategist, moving between companies in Silicon Valley and London. His final position was Founding Executive Director of the Berkeley Mobile International Collaborative, located in Berkeley, CA.

Bill was the father of 3 sons and an avid fan of literature, music, dance meditation and gardening.
During the 3 years of his illness, Bill faced each challenge with his unique blend of courage, strength, grace and humor. He also dedicated a great deal of time and energy toward the writing and publishing of his first poetry book “Becoming William”. (available at lulu.com)At the time of his passing, Bill was deeply loved and living in Sonoma county with his partner of nine years, Anna Corba. He will be greatly missed.


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