NSTIC Webcast が8月2日に実施されます

8月15日、16日に第1回のNSTIC総会がシカゴで行われますが、それに先立ち、参加者のための準備 Webinar が現地時間8月2日に実施されます。詳細は以下のとおりです。奮ってご参加ください。

The Identity Ecosystem Steering Group will provide an open process for organizations to participate in the ongoing coordination, acceleration, harmonization and development of the Identity Ecosystem Framework; the overarching set of interoperability standards, risk models, privacy and liability policies, requirements, and accountability mechanisms that structure the Identity Ecosystem. Please see the  draft charter and  draft by-laws for additional information. Trusted Federal Systems in its role as the Secretariat for the Steering Group seeks to inform the community about the upcoming Plenary meeting in Chicago. This Pre-plenary webcast on August 2nd is intended to help attendees prepare for the Plenary in mid-August. Additional details about this upcoming meeting in mid-August are available athttp://www.idecosystem.org/. This webcast has been scheduled for three hours to allow ample time for questions and depending on the nature and number of questions the actual duration of the webcast could be shorter.

Registration is required to participate in the webinar, click here (https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/showReg?udc=6a6fw8vei5r4 ) to register.

Identity Ecosystem Steering Group
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace


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