Identity Week Asia

[2020-10-15] Fighting Back Against Digital Identity Fraud – Identity Week Asia 2020

「Identity Week Asia 2020」に出演しました。Fighting Back Against Digital Identity Fraudと題したパネルディスカッションのモデレータです。大変おもしろいパネルでした。そのうちビデオが公開されたらまたここでシェアさせていただきます。

Fighting Back Against Digital Identity Fraud

Digital Identity in an Online WorldThe isolation of worldwide lockdowns this year have presented criminals with new opportunities for phishing, and this only adds to already existing trends in the rise of synthetic IDs, account takeover and SIM swap fraud. This panel will explore solutions which utilise digital identity to fight back against the fraudsters.

Nat Sakimura

Moderator:Nat Sakimura,Chairman,OpenID Foundation

Subhashish Bose

Subhashish Bose,Senior Director – Fraud & Security,FICO

Jeremy Grant

Jeremy Grant,Coordinator,Better Identity Coalition

David Turkington

David Turkington,Head of Technology, APAC,GSMA


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