[2020-10-13] IIF年次会員会合のパネルのビデオが公開されました

事後報告すみません。先程、IIF (International Institute of Finance) のAnnual Membership Meeting 2020 のパネルディスカッションへの出演が終わりました。



IIF Annual Membership MeetingDigital Identity panel

In the accelerated move to a digitalized world, new technology is changing how people are identified and what we know about them, in an environment where trust has to be built differently from physical interactions. As well as presenting opportunities for efficiency and access, this also drives debate about roles, responsibilities, standards, and privacy. These issues will grow as new technologies in data, sensors, 5G connected devices, and biometrics come online with platforms of systemic scale. This session will discuss how technology and market trends are changing the costs, responsibilities, business models, and opportunities in identity and authentication, and how financial services firms can build on compliance capabilities to create new services and revenue streams.

Tuesday, October 13, from 1:00pm London / 2:00pm Madrid / 8:00pm Singapore / 9:00pm Tokyo (55 minutes)

  • Vivienne Artz, Chief Privacy Officer, Refinitiv
  • Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Nat Sakimura, Chairman, OpenID Foundation
  • Victoria Roig, Head of Transformation Office, Santander (Moderator)



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