OSIS(Open Source Identity Selector)

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Berkman Identity Mashup Conference にて、マイクロソフト、ノベル、IBM、SXIP、XRI、ベリサインによって、OSISの将来についての共同発表があった。これによると、OSISは Identity Commons 配下のワーキンググループに変化し、次の2つの目標に向かって活動してゆくことになった。
2)オープンソースの Identity Selector を、複数のプロジェクトの協働によって、Windows Vista と共に出荷されるCardSpace(旧InfoCard)とコンパチブルなものとして出荷する。


At the Berkman Identity Mashup Conference last week, there was a joint announcement by Microsoft, Novell, IBM, SXIP, XRI, and VeriSign around the future of OSIS. OSIS will morph into a working group under Identity Commons with two goals:
1) To enable those projects to work independently, but aligned, so overlap of work is avoided, and the parts developed by different projects can fit
2) To deliver an open-source identity selector as a joint effort of ultiple projects, which is intended to be at least as functional, and fully compatible, with Microsoft’s CardSpace (formerly known as InfoCard) identity selector that will be shipped with Windows Vista.

From the OSIS agreement, the Heraldry project would focus, as far as its interaction with OSIS, on developing relying party code, a light-weight identity provider, and a STS for managed i-cards to integrate with Higgins. The Eclipse Higgins project will then focus on client code for both a browser based and rich client identity selector as well as a STS for self-issued cards. In the end, this means that OpenID will integrate with Higgins which will/does integrate with Microsoft’s CardSpace technology.

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